People will always care more about other people than about logos. Partnering with SBM can put your message in front of an attentive audience that takes action to give your organic word of mouth. We can bring you real people with real followings to post about your brand with text, pictures, and videos that ring true to their audience, and that’s how you get real results. If you’re interested in aligning your brand with rising social media personalities that have engaged audiences, leave us your email and we’ll get right in touch.

Casting Agents

Who continue to take chances with unknown actors, singers, dancers, personalities, etc when you can attach someone to your project that brings their own audience? SBM can deliver talent that has proven their ability to grow a following and can promote your project to a large social audience from day 1. We work with people (and pets) from all walks of life meaning no matter your target audience, SBM can find a fit. If you’re interested in bringing on board talent that can promote your project to an engaged and attentive social media audience, leave us your email and we’ll get right in touch.

About Us

SBM is made up of a team of marketing and investment executives with rich experience growing personal and corporate brands. From our offices in South Beach we have connections the world over in social media, brands, agencies, casting, and more. We joined together to form SBM as we recognized that in the modern era everyone is their own brand and should have an opportunity to maximize their brand’s potential. We believe in enabling people to do what they do best and let us focus on the rest. If you’re interested in discussing anything, leave us your email and we’ll get right in touch